Thursday, May 29, 2014

A well spent weekend

Hi. This is another photo diary.

A weekend "staycation" with my family. It was only for a weekend because others have to go to the office during the weekdays, so everytime we're together we always make sure to make the most it.

Pastel Colors for Summah!

Hubby was in the mood to take lotsa lotsa photos. haha. Cherishing every moment with my baby.

Sisters with the kiddos
Sabiyah, lola and the moth. :)
goofing around with my sisters and mom while my Sabiyah was busy taking "selfies" hahaha
Caught in the act. hahaha kiddos taking selfies with a monopod. How cute! :)
took quick shots of my baby before he would notice that he's wearing a beanie. He just hates wearing it or any other head accessory.
See what I mean. hehehe
We had our mini photo shoot at the rooftop with the baby.

Random shots at the pool
Matchy matchy leopard print with my sissy.
Happy baby

 Still can't believe that we are now family of five. So thankful to God.

Here's a short video that is supposed to be private but my sister insisted me to share this here. Just don't mind my face. hahaha


So there. We should all embrace the simple joys of spending time with our family. Family is love. :) Alhamdulillah. :)

MIA: My dad and my brother borax who were both in Iligan City that time. Hopefully we'll be complete next time. In Shaa Allah.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy Skin - Turn Up The Heat Lippies

Hi Ladies. Sharing with you my latest purchase. It is the the Happy Skin's Turn Up The Heat Limited Edition Lippies Summer Collection. Yes, I've seen these lippies on some social sites and read a couple of good reviews about them.  Honestly, I always prefer wearing nude or light shade of lippies like my current favorite which is the Mac's Kinda Sexy. I am not really used to wearing loud colors of lippies but I don't mind trying them on especially this summer. So anyway while I was checking out the Plains and Prints store, I was glad to see that they're selling Happy Skin products because I thought they're only available at Beauty Bar and Rustan's. I swatched the testers on my wrist first(as I always do) and got impressed immediately. The lippies are highly pigmented but doesn't look that bright when worn so that's a plus for me and you'll notice that the shades are perfect for summer. I love that they're easy to apply and very moisturizing, not to mention that the packaging is really pretty.  

At the back of box

 Happy Skin said: "Sizzle in the heat with lips of a summer siren! Be the most kissable on the summer shores with these lip tinges that recreate those hip, hot trips and escapades. 

Channel the pretty pink flush brought by a stolen glance or the hot memories of a Summer Crush. Mesmerize with the fiery corals and steamy reds of the setting sun with Sunset Kiss. Get the sexy nude of lips that were just kissed and recreate the warmth of The Morning After

These lippies can be worn solo or layered on to create unique lippie looks!"

Summer Crush, Sunset Kiss, and The Morning After
Top: w/o flash
Bottom: w/ flash

I really would recommend it to everyone especially those who have dry lips. I swear it is like you're just wearing a lip balm only that there's a pop of long lasting color. I love lip balms so it's a sure win for me. It costs Php 1,249 for three lippies, which I think is not bad. right?

Try it! :)

My favorite shade is The Morning After. What's yours?

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Practice Makeup

I had fun putting on her makeup, she is naturally funny.

Last night I applied makeup to my bubbly sister Ate Lieb just to try if I have the talent. Lol! Hahaha. Nah, it was just for fun. :)  Anyway, Ate Lieb and I have the closest age gap among our siblings. She is 1 year and 9 months older than me and our mom used to dress us the same when we were kids. We may look twins during those days but in reality we're opposites. I'm the girly girl type while she's the boyish type. Hahaha. So thankful I have a sis like her, there's never a dull moment when you are with her. :)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Day at the Park


My sister and I decided to go to the nearest park to chill and have a pictorial wearing our matching dresses. Well sort of. hahaha. It was a simple kind of fun, no need to spend a lot of money to enjoy the day.  I would love to do it again especially while it is still summer! :)

My daughter is growing up so fast. I can't even carry her for more than five minutes. (used mirror effect via Piclay app)
Once in while you have to behave like a child to enjoy life!
Mother and daughter bonding.
Meet my sister. They say we look alike. 

Some other photos that I made into collage:

My daughter can be a really good model. hehehe. I actually forced her to pose because she was busy running around the park.

That's it! I guess there'll be more photo diary posts on my blog in the future. My computer's internal memory and my external hard discs are full of wonderful photographs and I don't know when to start printing them out because they're just too many. So I guess to make use of those, why not share some on my blog, right? :)