Wednesday, April 27, 2011

hey, I just want to share with you my mini collection of clothing with animal prints. there's just something about these prints that allures me. mind you, I'm scared of the real ones. :)

say no to animal skin, and yes to animal print! :)

I have to say, I'm a big fan of animal prints.
but always remember that it has to be in moderation. you don't want to see someone wearing animal print from head to toe. that would be awful!
and also, never ever wear different prints at the same time. just keep it simple, and you're good to go.

MOI, wearing my leopard print vest(left) and scarf(right)

I'm planning to buy animal print shoes as well. Whatchya think?

xoxo! :)

Pacifier Trouble

This one is for all the mommies who want to stop their child from using pacifiers.

I started giving pacifier to my daughter when she was two months old because she needed something to suck on otherwise she wouldn't stop drinking her milk from a bottle, which can lead to stomach pain and vomiting. after a year I gave birth to my son, and yes i also gave him pacifier for the same reason as his sister. At first it was a huge relief, aside from the problem being solved, it also helped me to put them to sleep a lot easier. They got really used to it that they couldn't sleep without it. I remember going out in the middle of the night just to buy pacifier when we couldn't find the old one.

during their pacifier days.

but then it turned the other way around they don't like to eat anymore. As long as they have pacifiers in their mouth they won't eat anything.

so, I thought I had to do something before it gets worse and besides they're not babies anymore. I told them that if they continue to use it, their teeth would fall off. hahaha. I know trying to scare them isn't a good idea but there was nothing else I could think of. sadly, I failed! they were not scared at all.

so I "googled" it, and read some interesting ideas. so far, after trying some of those, there's one that is most effective. here's what I did:

I made a chart for each of them where i could draw a star that will record the days they didn't use their pacifiers. for each five stars which is equivalent to five days of no pacifier they will get a big surprise. so you know, kids just love surprises.  I also learned that if you want something from your kids,(e.g. clean their room, eat vegetables, and etc. or in my case make them stop from using pacifier) try using the positive reinforcement techniques, it is more effective than giving a punishment.

Here are the actual charts:

my daughter's chart, she filled in the chart first.

My son's chart, who took a little longer to fill it all.

As you can see they both achieved to fill in the boxes with stars, yehey! ☺

It has been almost a year now, and since then they never use pacifiers again.


Monday, April 25, 2011

What I did yesterday

 What I did yesterday which happened to be a black saturday.
My dad had to meet someone at greenhills. So, my kids and I went with him since we would also meet my sister(ate les) and her family.
this is what I wore. A blouse from whoops, a skirt I bought a long time ago which I have worn for only three times, a blue skinny belt, and a thrifted black sandals that I bought while I was in Iligan City for only 120 pesos. Would you believe?

I had fun driving, it was quick and smooth. You’ll be glad to see EDSA with no traffic jams.  We arrived for less than 30 minutes and found a vacant parking lot easily.  I wonder how things would be like if this is going to be the normal every day in Metro Manila, hmmm. i bet it would be fun.
Too bad I left my camera inside the car, thus I wasn’t able to take photos while we were there.

We got to meet Zyad again, my sister's son, whose such a cutie(mashaAllah). We ate snacks at promenade then the kids played at timezone.
Ate Les and i tried on some shoes and we both ended up buying the same style and color of nice looking pair of shoes. Does that mean we got the same taste? hahaha. :)

we luckily bought them at a discounted price because the owner of the store was my dad's former officemate. He would even want us to take it for free, but with kindness, we refused. 

then we went straight home because my sister texted that she and her husband were on their way to our house to visit us and of course our dad who will be leaving the next day back to Lanao.

oh by the way, you guys should visit Regina's store at Greenhills, they sell some pretty cute stuff at a very low price. I bought some goodies like stamps, erasers, stickers, and etc. for my little brother.

 here's one of the stuff I bought for my brother:

i don't know if he will like this but for me it looks interesting
Interesting enough that I tore a single page from it. hahaha.

My sister and I even put some on our faces. funny, we were having fun like children. :)

I guess life is more fun when you act like a child once in a while. xoxo!

Friday, April 22, 2011

LEEtwentysix: Fashion pieces part 1

LEEtwentysix: Fashion pieces part 1: "Fashion pieces that i love. Here are some of the lists of things that I’m thankful for. Fashion pieces that I love, and I think every woma..."

Fashion pieces part 1

Fashion pieces that i love. 
Here are some of the lists of things that I’m thankful for. Fashion pieces that I love, and I think every woman/girl should have in their closet. J  (all photos from google images)
1)      Flat doll shoes

Doll shoes are just the cutest.  The variety of prints and color over the market are adorable, and not to mention that they’re also comfortable to wear. That’s why my feet love them too.

2)      Belts

Belts are like my savior.  Every time I think that my outfit is too plain, I wear belt or every time I think that my top is loose, I wear belt.  I almost have every color in my wardrobe and I just can’t get enough.

3)      Long necklaces

Long necklaces can make outfit look interesting.  Layered and metallic are my favorite and for me they’re best paired with any plain top, whether it’s  sleeved tops, t-shirts, and even girly blouses. J


4)      Wedges

Well what can I say, they’re fabulous and if I were to wear heels it would be in wedge style.  To honestly tell you, I’m still having a hard time wearing pointed, stiletto or any other closely related to that kind of heels (though I think they’re sexy).

5)      Blazers
Blazers are my favorite type of jacket.  It is versatile; I can wear it when I feel cold or just to make my outfit look stylish. If you want your outfit to look classic and casual, go for blazers.


6)      Dangling Earrings

Dangling earrings never seem to go out of style. It creates an exciting look that is good for any occasion plus, they’re oh-so-adorable.

p.s. i'm not a fashion expert or so. these are all based from my own personal taste.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

yess, a concerned mommy, indeed!

My husband’s mom and some relatives have been travelling to different Asian countries for two years now.   It sort of becomes an opportunity for them since the Cebu Pacific Airlines started giving away promos.  They went to Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. I always wanted to come with them, but only to realize that I still have classes or the promo ticket was over, and I don’t want to spend too much for a ticket.  A month ago they told me that they bought airline tickets bound to Hongkong next month (yeah, that early). That’s how the promo works you have to buy the ticket a month or even months ahead before the actual flight.  My mother-in-law kept on insisting that I should come this time since I already missed a lot.  At first, I felt hesitant and unsure since I’ve already been to Hongkong, and besides the tickets aren’t in promo anymore. I checked the internet, and the ticket price is getting higher each day. I thought I have to decide right away.  Since I would really like to bond with my in-laws to get closer with them, I think that this outing would be an ideal opportunity.  The picture of it made me feel excited as I imagine the places we went the last time I was in there.  The shopping specifically got me really thrilled.  So immediately I bought a ticket.
Right now, two weeks before the flight and I am not feeling excited anymore.  I didn’t realize that we will be there for six days. Six days? That’s too long.  What will happen to my kids?  Oh I’m becoming so worried.  Just to be clear I don’t really trust our house helpers when it comes to my kids.  I know my hubby would be there but he will not be at home during office hours and sometimes he has too much work that will make him so busy.  Aside from that, my kids are very attached to me. They will surely look for me especially during bedtime. I’m thinking of asking any close relative to stay in our house, just for the days while I’m away with the kids, but who?  The who? Help! hahahaha. I hope I could find one or else I wouldn’t enjoy my vacation and instead I’ll be worried sick.  So keeping my fingers crossed and hope there’s a sympathetic, kind relative who would be willing to take time to look after my kids. I would deeply appreciate it.
below are some of my photos from my last year's trip to HK. Feel ko lang i-post dito. Hahahaha.

p.s. we were only there for 3 days that's why it wasn't that hard for me when i left my kids.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


hey, this is my first online blog. and i'm really excited to write, though i'm not a good writer. so, wish me luck! :)  ciao!   <3