Saturday, April 18, 2015

Summer 2015 - Batangas Trip

What is the best thing about summer? Going to the beach and our first stop is in Batangas City.

Laya Plaiya

Beach essentials

Pool first before hitting the beach

My baby's very first time on the sand. I thought He is going to cry when I put him on the sand but he didn't, He instantly loved it. I guess he's gonna be a beach lover too!

Playing the sand with kuya under a shade.

Snapshots while we were on the beach

Family love

Look who got so tired and dirty. hahaha
Time for some food...

Baby was the last one left on the table, he was enjoying his chicken while watching his Ate and Kuya swimming in the pool.

Trying to get a decent photo with the kiddos, but as always, it wasn't easy especially when everybody's tired and feeling hot because of the scorching heat of the sun.

Notice how tanned Ate and Kuya's skin after hours of playing and swimming. 

That's it Pancit. Hoping for more trips and adventures with my family. In Shaa Allah.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Lazy Day


This just another outfit for a lazy day. Would you believe that the shirt I was wearing here is my pambahay (what you wear at home), yeah the heineken shirt and nope, I am not promoting it. hahaha. definitely haram. lol! I bought the shirt 8 or 9 years ago at Divisoria for only 89 pesos. I am always a sucker for anything nice and cheap. So anyway, whenever I am feeling lazy to dress up I would just layer my pambahay with a nice comfy cardigan and pants and I'm good to go.

Today is my kids' first day as a McDonald's kiddie crew and they're all excited.

Look who's their first customer. Such a cutie! Ma Shaa Allah

 Happy Summer everyone!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Aydin Sofian @ 1

Heya!! Last February 14, 2015 my baby turned 1 year old. It seems like yesterday when I gave birth to him and I feel like I haven't even recovered yet from my pregnancy. Okay I may have exaggerated it, but really, I haven't even started exercising yet. I still look pregnant. hahaha. It is either because time really flies so fast or may be because I have been procrastinating too much? Either, I still can't believe my baby just turned one.

Honestly, our initial plan was to just celebrate it at home, like we always do, just a simple dinner with my family because we know that in Islam, it is not permissible. Although we did celebrate it, we tried to make it as simple as we can. I didn't even hire anyone with the decorations and stuff. We practically did everything, thanks for the help of my sisters, daughter and house-helpers. I mostly got the idea from the Pinterest app. It is quite addicting, it has so many cool ideas and DIY tips.  After so many options to choose from, I finally decided the theme which is an office-inspired party. Too bad I can't find the mood board I made but anyway, the colors for the theme were blue, green and brown.Sorry for the poor photos, I always forget to take photos and the one who was holding the camera was my house help. (yeah downside of not hiring a photographer. hahaha) 

The party was held the day after my baby's actual birthday because the venue was fully-booked as you know it was Valentine's day. The venue was at (FISH) Fiesta Island Seafood Hub, along Visayas Avenue. It was actually the second time we held a party there, the first was when we celebrated my first son's graduation party. FISH has a really nice ambiance plus the food was delicious. You can also avail KTV for the party for only 1,500.

The invitation

Spot the real baby Fian :)

Balloon centerpiece were ordered at a nearby shop.

I really love this idea. Photos were printed on the day of the party itself, so imagine the rush. hahaha

Me looking so pale!! I was busy setting up the dessert table. I didn't even have the time to put on my make-up. We arrived at the venue an hour before the start of the party so everything was pretty much rushed.

My DIY loots for giveaways. 

Prizes. I don't know if the kids were happy with what they got but I had to stick with my theme so most were office or school supplies instead of toys.

Super cute cupcakes which I don't have a closer pic. (sigh) I ordered from Sweet Overload, an online shop I found at Facebook.  

The cake was also from Sweet Overload.

Again because there was no photographer, this is the only photo for the food.

The boys looking so handsome with their outfit.

Matchy Blazers. So chic!

Time to blow the candle, baby :)

My God why is it taking like forever to upload photos. I will add more photos next time! 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My little Man at One

Snapshots from my baby's photoshoot for his first birthday. I am thinking of an office-inspired theme for his simple celebration hence, the bowtie bib, chair, and book props. He should be wearing eyeglasses but he kept on removing it everytime we try to put it on. Guess I would just edit his face with an eyeglasses and mustache on. hahaha! So cute, my little man! Ma Shaa Allah.

Try not to fall baby. I'll just shoot very fast.

He really looked like he was reading the book. love it!

He was holding his glasses here. See how fast his hands were just to remove it. lelz!