A Day at the Park


My sister and I decided to go to the nearest park to chill and have a pictorial wearing our matching dresses. Well sort of. hahaha. It was a simple kind of fun, no need to spend a lot of money to enjoy the day.  I would love to do it again especially while it is still summer! :)

My daughter is growing up so fast. I can't even carry her for more than five minutes. (used mirror effect via Piclay app)
Once in while you have to behave like a child to enjoy life!
Mother and daughter bonding.
Meet my sister. They say we look alike. 

Some other photos that I made into collage:

My daughter can be a really good model. hehehe. I actually forced her to pose because she was busy running around the park.

That's it! I guess there'll be more photo diary posts on my blog in the future. My computer's internal memory and my external hard discs are full of wonderful photographs and I don't know when to start printing them out because they're just too many. So I guess to make use of those, why not share some on my blog, right? :)



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