Lovin Neutrals

There were days when I feel like wearing something colorful, shades of pastel and even something that is a bit bright but I guess wearing clothes that are in neutral colors really makes me comfortable and confident. The color situation in my closet consists of mostly beige, taupe, brown, gray and black. I guess it is because neutral colors are so easy to wear. No need to think that much on what to pair with this and that. They just go pretty well with everything.

In line with that, recently H&M opened a shop here in the Philippines. I love H&M because they sell some great neutral and basic pieces.  I remember the very first time I visited their shop in Hong Kong which was four years ago, I bought a black pants and a shirt that I still have in my closet until now, oh except for the shirt I just realized I haven't seen it for a long time. oh the mystery of clothes and closet. It always happens to me like losing a shirt or blouse without realizing until I remember it or usually it happens when I browse my old photos and see that what I was wearing in the picture is not in my closet anymore. nakakainis pag nangyayari yun. So anyway, I finally visited H&M the other day at their branch in SM Makati. I was lucky enough that they have some items that are on sale even if the price of their clothes are already reasonable. 

Below are my not-so-blogger type and super awkward photos.(I really don't know how to pose ever since and I still don't know why am I still doing it anyway. hahaha) The black harem pants originally costs 699 minus 20 percent off so I bought it for only 559, while the long cardigan is only 399. Aren't they a great steal? I know right. Coincidentally, the pair of Mandals I was wearing is from S&H, which is a local brand that sells trendy shoes and sandals. By the way Mandals are so in right now and I am so digging it. According to Urban Dictionary, Mandals stands for man-sandals, a men's summer shoe that consists of leather that covers more than 50% of the foot, buckels, and a thick sole. hmmm. I wonder if there'll be womandals in the future, where men would wear women-like sandals. hahahaha. Just thinking about it makes me laugh, I don't think that would be possible. Okay, last detail about my outfit is the hijab I was wearing which is from @colorsandstyle, my very own online-shop. Yes, I do have an online shop because I became obsessed with scarves and hijabs so I decided to open one with the help of my sister. It is also my way of sharing my good finds of modest clothing to my sisters in Islam. Not only I enjoy doing it but also I get to meet a lot of new friends. Alhamdulillah.

The hijab is inspried by Zaskia Mecca, an Indonesian actress.
My bag is from Penshoppe that my friends and I bought a long time ago when I was in college and glad I found it in our stock room. My daughter said it looks scary but for me it's kinda cool.

Trying not to laugh because I know I look awkward without smiling.

with my not-so-baby-anymore daughter
My background tells that it is a holiday season once again, how time flies!

Til next time! May we all have a wonderful vacation with our family and loved ones.
Much love! :)


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