Happy with my DIY long vest

Assalamualaikum. :) I have mentioned on my last post that I am currently into long vests and Alhamdulillah it was so timing because when I was browsing my instagram feed looking for an online shop that's sells long vests, (yes, I do shop online) I saw bubblegum hijab's DIY No Sew Back to School Kimono tutorial. So I clicked her youtube vid right away, you may want to check it out too, just type @Bubblegumhijab. Anywhoo, I was really excited to try what I learned from the tutorial because it looks really simple to follow with just few steps and voila you have your own kimono made out maxi scarf aaand the best thing about it is that you don't need to SEW. Although I do know how to sew, I actually own two sewing machines but I rarely use them. Why? Because I suck at it or should I say I am not patient enough and when it comes to sewing, I tell you it takes a lot of p-a-t-i-e-n-c-e.

So hey, I am so happy because not only I could use my scarves as a hijab but also I could turn them into kimonos or long vests! How cool is that? :) Honestly, the main reason why I am into long vests and also cardigans these days is because I own a lot of "a little bit tight" and "not that long sleeves" clothes and ever since I started donning the hijab, (which by the way I am planning to write my story about it on a separate blog post) I thought there should be a way that I could still wear those clothes without sacrificing the concept of hijab.  I know I am far from what is appropriate when it comes to clothing in Islam but In Shaa Allah slowly by slowly, little by little, I will get there. (So make dua'a for me)

I am wearing peach maxi scarf from @colorsandstyle please check it out at instagram too. :)

With my baby!!! 

Again, thank you @bubblegumhijab for the tutorial. More to come please.

Bye for now. ♡



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