A chat with Sabiyah

Just want to share my conversation with my daughter the other night:

Sab looking so serious told me, "Mommy sometimes I feel sad when I don't accomplish something." Then I curiously asked her, "like what?" She replied without looking at me, "like when I didn't win the declamation contest." I tried not to sound surprised and said, "I thought it was fine with you. I also explained to you that it is okay because what is important is you did your best, right? Remember that for us, you're always  the winner." Then the next thing she said really touched me, "No. I was really hurt that day. I just didn't show it to you and daddy. Mommy, you know what, I almost cried but I tried not to, so I just smiled."

 *** Oh my! I have a competitive daughter. I was really clueless that she felt that way. She is very mature for her age. MashaAllah. It is amazing that she already knows how to hide her feelings, but I felt worried so I made her promise that she should always be open to me and her daddy about everything. ♡ 

Us wearing orange. Neon for a big big change. :))
Checking if there's a dirt on her face. Hahaha
Coffee for me and Juice for Sabiyah :)
Love her to bits! My mini-me :)


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