My baby at 4 months

Sharing with you guys my baby's photos from his first ever photo shoot at Pic-a-boo. I am so happy with the result. Actually, we had a hard time to make him smile/laugh because he was sleepy and fussy during the shoot, so imagine our efforts(clue: different animal sounds) to distract him from falling asleep. Hahahaha.

He had three costume change.

1st: Little Footballer

2nd: SuperBaby

3rd and Last: My Angel

At four months old, my baby can now respond to what's going on around him. He tries to interact when you talk to him and he is becoming more playful and jolly. I love that he can now laugh out loud. Oh babies truly give so much joy. It seems like yesterday when I gave birth to him. Now, he fills our home with so much love and happiness. We should really cherish every moment with our baby/kids because they grow up so so F-A-S-T. Sigh! Kinda breaks my heart that time flies so fast. I am so thankful I have my kids. Alhamdulillah.

Gotta go now because it's almost time to pray and also because I am just using my phone and I need to charge it before it runs out of battery. Bye! :)

Ooops. My fave is the football costume. Which one is yours? :)



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