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Hello. :)

Yes, I do breastfeed and I am really proud of it. My baby is now two and a half months and I am happy that I still exclusively breastfeed him. Alhamdulillah. Well, to be honest breastfeeding can be so hard!!! Yes, really tough. It requires so much effort and sacrifice. So much that your life will be just about the baby(read enumeration below and learn why.) Aydin Sofian is the new meaning of exhaustion. hahaha. Seriously, I salute all nursing moms out there. Yes, Bragging rights!

Not that I judge moms who aren't breastfeeding, never will I! Because believe me, some women have real and valid concerns for not doing so, I know because I was one of them. I didn't nurse my two older children that long, I guess it was just for a month for some reason that I am not here to talk about. hahaha. basta, piece of advice: if anything goes wrong or you have questions, just research and research, there are plenty of sites that could help you or better yet, consult your doctor right away.

okay, on to my enumeration.....

Hard truths: (in my case which means I don't imply that every BFing mothers experience the same) 

*  I can't get my baby drink milk from the bottle. He always wants to drink direct from me. - the doctor said it is better but boy, read effect below.

*  Since I directly feed my baby, nobody can alternate me to feed him. I'm the only one who has to feed him every time he gets hungry. Well, my baby gets hungry every 2-3 hours so I never had three hours straight of sleep ever since I gave birth.

*  I can't go anywhere without my baby or if I'll go somewhere I have to be back in less than three hours, that is in between his feedings. 

*  It does hurt sometimes when the baby latches incorrectly.

*  I don't have much time to do other things because I would rather sleep when the baby is sleeping. As they say: "Sleep when the baby sleeps." Hopefully, his sleeping pattern will change to normal soon.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining because I know everything is totally worth it. In fact, It is deeply rewarding especially because I believe I am giving my baby the best I could give. Despite of the downsides, this whole new experience is so ironically wonderful. So I want to encourage every soon-to-be-mother that breastfeeding should be the first choice and to those who are already breastfeeding but struggling should not give up.  Don't give up! Think that it is just temporary but the good effect is long-term/lifetime for your baby.

In connection with that, I'm just happy that there are malls in Metro Manila that has nursing rooms. ooops, I should add this to the list, another problem of a nursing mom is where to feed the baby when he gets hungry in public. Recently, I went to Trinoma and glad that they have a nursing room. It was cozy and I like it so I took pictures of the place. Though the photos below won't do justice on how nice the place is because it is just impossible to take good photos when you're holding a baby. Hahaha.  

The couch inside the nursing room.
there are cubicles if you want it to be more private.
of course, I went inside the cubicle. It felt so comfy that I almost fell asleep while waiting for my baby to finish. Time to burp baby!

Bye for now. :)



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