New Year, New me, and New Baby!

Hi Guys! So sorry for being MIA. I know.

Anywhoo, It is 2014 already and I am looking forward for a wonderful year. In Shaa Allah. Despite uncertainty in this world and being not-so-productive with the previous year, I am still thankful for it. Sure I've learned a lot and I am bringing all those good lessons with me this 2014, while leaving all the negative vibes behind. Honestly, every end of the year, I find myself reflecting on the past and I always end up hating myself for spending or thinking too much on unworthy things. All too often, I feel like I need to do better and to be BETTER.

So this 2014, I'll be more optimistic, be more productive, learn to appreciate life more and be happy and grateful with each and every single day that comes my way. (aahhh. breathing deeply, smiling softly.) So basically just be "MORE" and not "LESS" oh well except for my weight. Hahahaha.

I am really inspired with the book I just finished reading, an Islamic book actually, entitled: "Don't be Sad" by Aaidh ibn Abdullah Al-Qarni. It is an eye-opener book for me since I know that I used to be easily affected by the negative stuff around me like people that aren't really good. Because there really are toxic people in this world. :(  Well, my bad is that I used to focus on stuff that aren't supposed to be entertained in the first place. So, Alhamdulillah for the book, It changed my perspective in life :) I am looking forward to read more books about Islam because really, they make me feel good. Alhamdulillah.

Another reason to be happy and thankful about is.... I am having another baby, my third baby.  My second child is now six years old, yes quite an age gap, so imagine how thrilled and excited I am.  I am now on my 36th week, 2-3 more weeks to go and my life will be different.... in a good good way. In Shaa Allah. Just hoping and praying for a safe and normal delivery to a healthy baby boy. Yes, a baby boy and we already picked his name. Yay!!

Can't wait. :)  Below are some photos of me taken yesterday by my daughter, Sab.  Forgive my shameless baby bump photos, but I think it is definitely a must to have a decent photo (if you consider mine below decent) of you taken while you're still pregnant. :)

I know I shouldn't be touching my belly because it is too obvious already, but I just want it that way and another thing is, I don't know how to pose. haha!

Shopping for my baby's things is super fun. :) I just need to make massive room arrangement though. lol! 

That's it and Good vibes to y'all. :))


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