Kids Summer

Hey! It is summer once again. I remember how much I loved summer when I was a kid. Well, I still do, but not as much as before because the super hot weather made my skin so sensitive that  allergies/rashes are starting to spread all over my body including my face. What is happening to me? :( I can't stay outside for a long time or else my whole body will turn red. sigh :( It is uncomfortable and I am not happy. I need my healthy glowing skin back. (Echos! Kiddin. haha :D) 

Anywhoo, last week we went to Ninoy Aquino Park (which is near from our house) to take photos of my kids. It is a perfect place to have photo-shoot. Did I say photo-shoot?  Okay not that I'm an expert in photography,(I'm far from that) but I am a little bit confident now using my DSLR since I am now familiar with the manual settings. Bye bye automatic mode. :) Thanks to Sir Nicolay's photography class. 

 Here are some of the photos:

What are you guys thinking?

with their tito tikoy, my youngest big brother :)


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