Amazing Race Week

(warning: photo overload)

My first week of February was my most exhausting yet fun week ever.  Together with my in-laws, we went to three different countries in six days.  Considering that I am the youngest from the group, I still felt tired during the entire trip, thus proved how physically unfit I am. (Ugh, I really need to exercise, A LOT!) At first we bought tickets back-and-forth to Singapore and Manila, but then my uncle decided to have a side trip to Brunei because he was invited by a relative who lives there. Then of course when we you are in Singapore, you should also grab the opportunity to go to Malaysia, since it is just 4-5 hours travel away by land. 


Arrived at Singapore at 12 midnight, so since it is late, we went straight to our hotel.

In-laws at Changi International Airport


We left the hotel around 9 o'clock in the morning.
Mosque St. in Chinatown is the street where our hotel is located.

Our first stop, after having our Philippine Peso exchanged to Singaporean dollar in a nearby money changer in Vivo City, is at Sentosa. We got into Sentosa by Cable Car where we were rewarded with an aerial overview of the Island including Universal Studios and Resorts World Sentosa.

View from our Cable Car

Universal Studios and Resorts World Sentosa

After the Cable Car ride, we went to Palawan Beach and Siloso Beach. I love the place, it is really nice. 

Palawan beach

that's me sitting on the big colorful SILOSO letters.

Saw an indoor skydiving, which I think I would dare to try if only I have a company to try it with.
Then after roaming around some places in Sentosa with THE help of the free Sentosa Bus ride, we went to Universal Studios. The ticket costs 72 SG dollars which is about more or less 2,400 pesos and is totally worth it. Well, at least for first timer like me.

Unluckily, my DSLR went dead just when we were about to enter the Universal Studios, so I used my Samsung tab the whole time, which I think can be good enough to take pictures but when I arrived in Manila, my tab just won't power on. Sigh! I have to reformat it and lose all the pictures and videos that are stored in there. :( 

*lesson learned: always bring an extra battery with you. 

So anyway, after the whole afternoon stay at Universal Studios, I called my friend who is working in Singapore to meet me at Marina Sands Bay.

Meet Marlette, my highschool barkada. Sorry for the bad resolution because I was using my iphone this time.

Her dinner treat at Spageddies, Orchard Central.
 So we ended up chatting the whole evening. Catching-up, talking about the past, future plans and stuff. We even have to look for a 24-hour coffee shop to transfer because we were the only customers left in the Spageddies and I could see the waiters waiting for us to leave the resto. hahaha. Anyway, Marlette is now happily engaged to a man he met in Singapore, and I am so happy for her.

So that's basically how I ended the first day of my trip...


to be continued...


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