Rambling on my first year.

Hello! My blog turned one a few days ago, which I totally forgot. If I haven't edited some of my blog settings which made me noticed that I signed in March 6 of last year,  I wouldn't have known. Well, maybe because it wasn't that big a deal for me. Not that this blog isn't important, of course IT IS! It's just that it seems absurd to me, being mindful of the date you started your blog or any other social site, especially if it's just an ordinary day. You know some would even celebrate for it. I remember some people would even greet others like, "happy one year in the twitter world." Okay, I think it's totally normal to know how long you've been blogging or tweeting, but to make it as if you're having a special anniversary? Oh c'mon. Am I making any sense or I just don't see their point for doing that? just let me know. 

Wait. I just thought that maybe the reason why I have this point of view is because my blog is just so lousy unlike others that they even earn money and recognition. hahaha. I may sound like I'm self-pitying but I'm not (I really chose to make this blog discreet. Only my husband and sibs know about this. Hahahaha.) Seriously, If your blog is the reason for making your life so wonderful, the turning point, better, or call it what you want, then I think you should probably celebrate. To tell you honestly, This blog was created out of boredom and curiosity; you know just to test the water. I never really intended to make it like this, like being open and making others read my thoughts, for I am very private person (am I? I think I should change to "was" now. Hahahaha) and embarrassing as this may sound, another reason is, I want to practice writing because I wasn't really confident with it (was I? or still I am? hahaha again.) But I am really glad on how the real intention turned to be wonderful, because I really enjoy doing this. Just bear with me for all the random posts, I know my blog isn't organized, but right now I'm just happy with the way it is.

So I don't know how I would end this post, because my brain is so fragmented right now, that it is really hard for me to focus. Why? because it's freakin 3:33 in the morning. Everybody's asleep and here I am typing on some non-sense topic.

So, there for my one year in this blogging thingy, I have this stupid post! hahaha.



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  2. if you're gonna endorse it would grab more attention. but just like me, being discreet iz your thang as well haha


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