Tag Questions (know more about me)


 I was tagged to answer 11 questions.

1. If you were to choose one...lipstick or eye liner?

2. Can you live without internet, iphone and tv?
-Can't live without internet and phone, but without the TV? I guess I can survive. Hahahaha

3. What gift would you like to receive on your birthday?
-hmmm. I guess something that's in my interests like book, makeup, clothes, bag, and shoes. Did I mention too many? hahahaha

4. If you have one million dollars, what will you buy?
-I want to buy plane tickets, book a hotel and go somewhere where I could explore and enjoy. Travel it is!

5. What's your biggest fear and why?
-My biggest fear is death because..... 

6.What's your skin care routine?
-I have a separate blog post about that. But basically "just three special steps. that's all I need" Sorry I keep hearing that song from Disney, my kids just love Agent Oso. hahaha. Nway. the 3 steps are: Cleanse, Tone, then Moisturize. :)

7. Where do you like to spend your remaining days to live?
-Anywhere decent as long as I'm with my family. now, describe decent? hehehe :)

8. If you're to choose, would you rather be beautiful but dumb or ugly but wise?
- hmmm. Ugly but wise.  

9. What's your most embarrassing moment?
- hmmmm. Is there any? I guess nothing major because I can't think of something.

10.What's your favorite fashion accessory?
- watch

11.When did you start blogging and why?
- I started 2011 and honestly I wasn't planning to really "blog" if you know what I mean. I made one just to test the water.

So there! Hope I didn't bore you with my answers. ahahaha. :)


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