Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants are so in again. It amazes me how fashion repeats itself, just like the phrase we always hear that "history repeats itself." I love how the fashion industry today looks to the past for some inspiration so a cyclic effect occurs. How I wish my mom kept all her clothes, because they were all gorgeous. Well, as to what I've seen from her photographs. I mean, I think I can do a lot of things from it, like mix and match and stuff. And so because I'm a fan of vintage style. 

To give you a little background, palazzo pants emerged on the 1920s on fashionable women like Coco Chanel and Katarine Hepburn, who paired them with striped tanks and flat espadrilles. After that they were again a big hit in the 70s. So, Imagine, it's not just your mom who might have like this, but your grandmother too. cool, right? 

Coco Chanel in the 1930s

Some of my fave photos from google:

today's celebrities wearing palazzo pants:

Kourtney Kardashian

Anne Hathaway in her printed palazzo pants

Blake Lively

Many might have said that palazzo pants are hard to pull off. That it's made only for tall and skinny. Well, I don't believe in that. I think with proper styling and confidence you can pull it off. The best way to wear it is with heels, preferably pumps or wedges.

here's me sporting the palazzo pants:

I'm a sucker for comfort, hence why I love palazzo pants. They're oh so comfortable and perfect since I'm not used in wearing skirts.


thanks to google for the photos.


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