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Hi! Just wanted to show a snapshots of my makeup stuff. Makeups that I think turned into a mini collection which I was truly unaware of. Honestly, I didn't have any idea that I got these plenty of makeup cosmetics until I cleaned and organized my things yesterday. I even threw some away, some that I think are expired already. :(

In such a small amount of time I got all of these: (sigh! don't judge me,blame it on makeup tutorials and reviews on Youtube. hahaha!)

As you can see, I am definitely into drug-store products mainly because I am still new with this kind of makeup use. So might as well master the different types and uses of makeups first before splurging on high-end products. Haha!

They really are eye-candies! But on the other hand, I'm hoping that I could minimize buying of make-ups(unless I really need it) because I know they're just going to be a waste. Like what most of what I have now, they're rarely used.

self-control is the key, but we all know it's hard, right? hahaha :)


  1. hey there! i recently threw away my expired makeups too. omg, such a waste :( i had a hard time parting with my babies. lol.
    btw, can i ask if that concealer palette is good? i'm planning to buy one kasi. thank you! btw, new follower here! :)

    xoxo pam :

  2. hi there. thanks for following, you can check out my review about the concealer palette here:


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