Composer at the Age of Four

At the age of 4, my baby girl can now compose songs.

she has two versions, one for the morning and one for the evening, both of which sounded like the song twinkle twinkle little star.

morning song:

Baby baby, wake up now.
Go downstairs and eat your food.
and go to the bathroom and take a bath.
brush your teeth and put on some clothes.
that's what we do in the morning.

evening song:

Baby baby, go to sleep.
close your eyes and zip your mouth.
insert your t-shirt and pray to God.
say I love you to mommy and daddy and to baby brother too.
that's what we do in the night.

cute and funny, isn't she? so proud of her.

love you baby. :) 

1. I tell them to zip their mouth because they literally won't stop talking and asking too many stuff until I tell them that it's time to zip their mouth.
2. Insert yout shirt just simply means tuck in your shirt to avoid stomache ache.


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