I love chick flicks, how about you?

When I was a kid, watching movies every weekend was one thing I always look forward to. We go to the mall immediately after dinner to catch the last full show. Most of the time, my parents would watch a different movie from us (with my siblings), for the obvious reason that I never seemed to understand when I was a kid. hahaha. So, coming from this family, I knew watching movies is something we all love to do.

As I grow up, I like different kinds of genres like action, suspense and comedy but chick flick is my favorite among all. Well, as expected to what chick flick movies are designed for, the female audience. But I won’t be surprised seeing a man watching those, for chick flicks are really fun and wonderful to watch, well, at least most of it. From Notting Hill, 10 things I hate about you, Wedding Singer, Love Actually, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Bridget Jones’ Diary, She’s all that, to He’s not just into you, 50 first date, Sex and the City, 500 Days of summer and the list goes on.

Recently, I just watched a movie entitled Something Borrowed. The story is definitely not ideal realistically but how the movie was made is perfect. All of the actor and actresses were brilliant in their parts, and even the roles flowed seamlessly. I just love how Ginnifer(I am really disturbed on how her name spells, haha) Goodwin and Kate Hudson played their roles as Rachel and Darcy respectively.

Darcy and Rachel

So to top it off, Something Borrowed is officially added to my list of chick flick favorites.

oh btw, the movie is from this novel by Emily Griffin which unfortunately i haven't read yet.
so ladies, let's keep our fingers crossed for more wonderful movies to come! :) xoxo!


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